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Long-lasting change

Long-lasting change

People tend to shortcut their way to success.

While you succeeded more efficiently, you’re bound to miss the mark on what truly matters in making sustainable change.

Take the example of the huge influx of Fake Gurus recently.

While I have no evidence whether are they fake or not.

But what I can observe is the overemphasis on making fast money but not delivering a world-class service/product to your consumers.

They are successful at doing the former, but which is more important?

Optimise for the more important metric (the latter) will give you long-lasting change.

Unfortunately, a large segment of society doesn’t take this into practice.


1) Bosses paying peanut salary in return for short-term savings but high employee churn.

2) Delivering a client project with sub-par quality or service in return of one-time revenue with zero client retention.

3) Taking only fitness supplements without doing the actual work in the gym or not eating right.

4) Fake gurus doubling-down on FB ads to acquire new students, but did not commit to training their students to deliver world-class products/services.

5) The list goes on

I tend to believe everyone has the potential to succeed at whatever they focus on.

So choose to focus on long-lasting change than temporary gain.

Breakdown what are the actual metrics determining sustainable change and those should be your compass.

Often times they are not vanity metrics like social media likes, entrepreneurship awards, number of clients, number of following, etc

Actual metrics that matter looks more like these:

• numbers of happy clients
• followers’ engagement rate
• testimonials of happy employees
• rate of organic word-of-mouth
• product/service-market fit

At the end of the day, it’s up to you.

What kind of long-lasting change you want to instill to your life, and hopefully society.

Good luck